Wednesday, March 6, 2013

colored set.15

Vi'Auro The Hermit
Half elven and half troll,he doesn't have the time for the BS of the common worlds or the trouble such brings. He lives in his marble outpost on his barren type planet,and collects scraps of things that wind up on his world...Or people. Hes polite,as long as not bothered.

The Buddies
Two knockaround,good ol' boy type blokes with an affinity for sports beer...And a few other things. They're competitive,thats why they veer over at eachother in the urinal! On boring slow ass nights when theres nothing to do,one buddy might give another a...Hand...With something. When they work out,they compare eachothers muscles and one buddy helps to bronze the other for his competitions...Totally not weird!

Rheinke The Shaman
A mysterious and enigmatic man who hides away somewhere in the thought uninhabitable dunes of the huge desert near his people. Its said that some traversing strangers of that desert have encountered him,and were greeted in different ways. Some,with mind ravaging craft.... others with cryptic and elusive sightings... And others still with feral sex.

Choppin The Dom
He keeps his submissives (willing or not) in his large,soundproof basement. Hes a very sexual and perverse man,with an assortment of cruel and visceral tools hidden away. He really does wait for inconsequential associates to interest or cross him...So that he may add to his collection. 

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