Monday, February 25, 2013

kathguys backdrop section 1

Introducing a new element to the blog,called "backdrops". In these sections key characters from the kath illustrations blog will be featured,with some background info concerning them and the affairs relating to such.

           two seafaring piratemen from who knows where,one a gigantic red skinned humanoid and the other a fair built blue haired fancyboy. both tough in their own way,and serving under the enemy of Jabon and Akalis.

                          A dark skinned,exotic foreign boy who goes the the same school as the lesbian Alkeephan guardian. He doesn't let anyone know too much about him and seemingly has no family or traceable contacts to mention.

        Deutrius,the most fashionable nudist (is that possible?) in his native dimension. The loving,venerable father of the main character Kayna...A dimensional traveler starring in Phaser Antics.
He always has a tender hearted word of wisdom,or an akward "get up and walk to the next room" moment in store for the protagonist and her friends. 

      A silver spoon fed know it all gone bad boy,when he went somewhat insane after being bestowed with supreme hidden knowledge. He grew up in an assertive,affluent community and surrounded by prominent repute family on his planet. Majoring in Anthropology and the study of other various social politics,he stumbled into great ancient texts and relics through a freak course of events. He now rules half of his planet and is a divine protege of the same demonic princess he shares a child with.

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